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Markdown is a quick and easy way to create web pages using a small number of editing symbols.
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For example, the # symbol is used to indicate a heading:

#Largest Heading
##Second Largest Heading
###Third Largest Heading
####Fourth Largest Heading
#####Small Heading


Heading example

Largest Heading

Second Largest Heading

Third Largest Heading

Fourth Largest Heading

Small Heading

Bullet List

To create a bullet list, use * before each item. Be sure to include a space between the * and the text.

* This is item 1
* This is item 2
* This is item 3
list example

  • This is item 1
  • This is item 2
  • This is item 3


You can make a text item bold by enclosing it in ** ;

**This is bold text**
bold example

This is bold text


You can make a text item italic by enclosing it in a single *.

*This is italic text*
italics example

This is italic text

Block Quotes

Start paragraph with >
A double space ends the quotation

>This is a quote
And this is a second line of the quote

quote example

This is a quote
And this is the second line of the quote


The text for the link goes inside square brackets, and the url goes inside parenthesis:

[Amazing Animals](

Amazing Animals
link example


Pictures are almost the same as links, but there is a ‘!” in front of the square brackets:
![Beautiful Cat](pictures/beautifulcat.png)
Beautiful Cat
image example

Picture LInks

Picture links are a combination of the markdown for pictures and links:

[![Special Cats](data/images/general/delilah.jpg)](https://wealthycats)
This is a picture:Special Cats
image link example

Advanced Features

Image features are automatically added when inserting an image into text during editing

Image justification

![image description ] (image location RIGHT )
![image description ] (image location LEFT )
![image description ] (image location LEFT SMALL )

Image sizes

XSMALL: 100px     SMALL: 180px     MEDUIM: 300px     LARGE: 450px     XLARGE: 700px

Image with Caption

![image description](image location)%%This is a caption/%%


[STYLE](class name)Text to be styled [ENDSTYLE]


[COLOR](Color code or name)Text to be colored[ENDCOLOR]

Break from left or right float


Blank line

[BLANKLINE] [BLANKLINES](number of blank lines)


2 Columns: [2COL1]Text[2COL2]Text [ENDCOL]
3 Columns: [3COL1]Text[3COL2]Text[3COL3]Text[ENDCOL]
2/3 Columns: [23COL1]Text[3COL3] Text [ENDCOL] [3COL1]Text[23COL2] Text [ENDCOL]